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We save you the hassle of shipping


We're superfast

We'll get your package anywhere in the U.S. within 24 hours, throughout Europe within 48 hours, and anywhere in the world within 96 hours.


Incredible value

Thanks to our innovative business model, we’re not only the fastest, but also the cheapest delivery service on the market. The best of both worlds.



Is your package worth less than €200? We’ll insure it for free. No fuss or paperwork.


We’re an unbeatable team

With partners TNT and GLS on our side, the quality of our service is guaranteed

We are

Martin Janošík & Robin Holešínský

We send thousands of packages every day to all four corners of the globe. As a result of this, we get the best possible business rates from our courier partners. That’s how we can offer you much lower prices than you’d get as an individual customer with any courier company. There aren’t any tricks. By simply ordering through us, you enjoy the massive savings and benefits that only bulk orders can generate.

  • Robin Holešínský
  • Executive Director
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See why our customers love us

My mum sends me books to England from time to time, and Delibarry makes it as easy as a click of the fingers. And what's more, I have the books in two days at the latest. Really. We can't compare it to anything we tried before. Thanks! Barbora Maková - London
I spent ages looking for a way to get a doll that my grandaughter forgot here at Christmas back to South America. She missed it a lot. You know, children :) I wanted something fast and not too pricey. Běla Pesková - Příbram
I was using DeliBarry throughout its trial period, and to be honest I didn't really believe it. The cost/benefit ratio seemed pretty unrealistic to me. But anyway, the guys have put in a lot of effort into fine-tuning it and what they're promising is not just talk. I applaud them. Jana Pavlovičová – Hradec Králové
Delibarry, thanks that you have appeared. I'm fed up with overpriced couriers and the unreliable Czech Post. Jiří Valoušek – Zlín
I'll bet that this service will make all the other delivery companies sit up and take notice. And that's good. It's about time this business was shaken up a bit. Ondřej Hyrš - Chrudim
A few clicks. A few coins. Superfast delivery. Delibarry is on top of it. Not just once or twice. I've used them about ten times and haven't had a single problem. Petr Slaný - Prague

DeliBarry partners - The perfect choice

TNT is the world leader in logistics and top in international transport, express, air, sea, road and rail delivery, providing both contract logistics and postal services. In addition, its users enjoy unparalleled customer service.

GLS is known as the "European leader in service quality". It offers both reliable parcel and express services and logistic solutions according to the specific customer's requests throughout the whole of Europe.

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